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Ultrasonic Flow Measurement


energy/flow meter incorporates the latest developments in digital signal processing, delivering highly accurate and repeatable flow measurement for a wide variety of liquids and pipe sizes. The WTS- 350 has sophisticated electronics coupled with powerful ultrasonic transducers to make this universal transit-time flow meter the top choice of industry leaders.

Technical Specifications

  • IP68 Protection

  • Waterproof keyboard4-key board design, Lockable/Password protection available

  • Multiple interface

  • RS485 interface

  • *Output:4-20mA analog/OCT pluse/ Relay signal

  • *Heat measurement:achineve heat measurement by connecting

  •    3-wired PT100 Temperature transducers

  • *Input:3way 4-20mA analog input, acquisition signals of temperature,    press, liquid level etc.

  • Temperature and press

  • Temperature range -30~160℃

  • Ultrasonic measurement meanings no wetted sensors to clean or get damaged

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WTS-350 Resources

Wintec WTS-350

Meter Application Form

WTS-350 Data Sheet

Mod-Bus Register

Manual - Rev 1.

Offline Xducer Spacing

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