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The WTS-358 is a state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Meter, designed as a Flow Meter and Energy Meter. It excels in delivering highly accurate and repeatable flow measurements across various liquids and pipe sizes. This meter is equipped with advanced digital signal processing technology, featuring a sophisticated FPGA chip and broadband pulse transmission. It stands out for its clamp-on transducers, compatibility with a diverse range of pipe sizes, and precision accuracy. The WTS-358 also offers multiple output options like Modbus RTU and other outputs, making it a versatile choice for industrial applications.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Technical Specifications

  • One meter for a wide range of pipe sizes from 1" to 48" (25 to 1,200 mm) 

  • Clamp-on transducers 

  • Clamp-on sensor option requires no pipe cutting, no plant shut-down, and are a hygienic measurement, leading to lower installation and labor costs 

  • Accuracy better than +/- 1%  

  • Repeatability better than 0.2%  Clamp-on transducers operating temperature range -40°F to 300°F  

  • PT-1000 Clamp-on RTD’s -40°F to 300°F 

  • PT-1000 Insert RTD’s  -40°F to 300°F 

  • Power Requirements: 8 to 36V DC 

  • Daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow 

  • Internally configured batch controller makes batch control convenient 

  • Input: 2 channel 4-20mA analog input 

  • Output: Isolation RS-485 output, 1 channel isolation OCT output: 1 channel isolation 4-20mA output (two-wire system) 

  • Modbus RTU, RS-485

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WTS-358 Resources

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