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The WTS-358 energy/flow meter incorporates the latest developments in digital signal processing, delivering highly accurate and repeatable flow measurement for a wide variety of liquids and pipe sizes. The WTS- 358 has sophisticated electronics using FPGA chip and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission making this universal transit-time flow meter the top choice of industry leaders.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Technical Specifications

  • One meter for a wide range of pipe sizes from 1" to 48" (25 to 1,200 mm) 

  • Clamp-on transducers 

  • Clamp-on sensor option requires no pipe cutting, no plant shut-down, and are a hygienic measurement, leading to lower installation and labor costs 

  • Accuracy better than +/- 1%  

  • Repeatability better than 0.2%  Clamp-on transducers operating temperature range -40°F to 300°F  

  • PT-1000 Clamp-on RTD’s -40°F to 300°F 

  • PT-1000 Insert RTD’s  -40°F to 300°F 

  • Power Requirements: 8 to 36V DC 

  • Daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow 

  • Internally configured batch controller makes batch control convenient 

  • Input: 2 channel 4-20mA analog input 

  • Output: Isolation RS-485 output, 1 channel isolation OCT output: 1 channel isolation 4-20mA output (two-wire system) 

  • Modbus RTU, RS-485

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WTS-358 Resources

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Manual - Rev 1.

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